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One amazing college town.


- Est. 1996 -



The name Dogtown was a  popular nickname for the Campustown area for many years, well into the later twentieth century.   During that time, ISU students were not allowed to bring cars to school and had to walk or “dog-it” to get to the movies, the drugstore or their favorite college hangouts.  Small economic centers sprouted up all over the country near college campuses to serve the needs of students and many of them were nicknamed “Dogtown”.  Today, Dogtown is “old school”.  Dogtown is the BEST place to find classic Iowa State apparel and relive your glory days.  Today, Dogtown is worth the walk!


Anne Taylor / Roger Ossian



I chose ISU because I loved the campus, and the city of Ames.  I majored in Family Consumer Sciences / Fashion Merchandising and became more interested in the business aspects of the curriculum.  I began my career as a merchandise buyer and operations manager, and quickly learned how NOT to run a business. In 1996, Roger and I decided to venture out on our own. It turned out to be a great decision.  Once a Cyclone, always a CYCLONE!




I have been an Iowa Stater since I can remember.  It is in the Ossian DNA.  My grandfather Simon August Ossian lettered in four sports while attending Iowa State in the 1930's.  He used to share his fondest memories with me, and I never wanted to go anywhere but ISU.  I met my wonderful wife Carol at ISU, and while one daughter chose the “other” school in Iowa and one is a current ISU student, we are very much a Cyclone family.  Go STATE!


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